Eberron - The Age of Dreams

Session 02

The Rich and Famous

Lharvion 6, 998 YK (Far) – Continued from Session 01

  • Lady Tain, Ambassador Dura’zhash, and Haydith ir’Wynarn entered the Gala.
  • Dura’zhash offered to help Vesh locate Tiamat’s general, but Vesh declined.
  • Vesh threw a plate of food at Kali, because she wouldn’t stop talking about the “dragon in the Cogs”.
  • Dura’zhash convinced Lady Tain to let Vesh stay.
  • Ambassador Dura’zhash was overheard setting up a meeting with Hass ir’Tain at the Riedran embassy.
  • Lady Tain was given a necklace as a gift that produced a large Null Psionics field.
  • Upon Dura’zhash’s departure, he was followed by Vesh, Ala, Takato, and Vashyron. Adelaide and Aima stayed at the Gala.


Session 01

All Roads Lead to Sharn

Lharvion 4, 998 YK (Wir)

Each of the characters was brought into the conference room in the House Cannith South guest quarters by Merrix d’Cannith. There, Merrix d’Cannith revealed a package that had arrived by House Orien teleporter. This package was sent to him by his good, but now deceased, friend Professor Lorien, the most recent head of the Xen’drik Studies department at Morgrave University. Along with it was a letter from Lorien that claimed the Riedrans were after this item and that should anything happen to Lorien, Merrix was supposed to give this item to its rightful owner: Vashyron Zephyrus.

Inside the package was a single crystal disk. Upon touching the crystal, Vashyron heard what sounded like a woman speaking, but at such a great distance he couldn’t understand the words. Alatora then tried it and heard the muffled sounds of two men speaking. Marron also heard two men speaking when he held the crystal, but after making a successful Autohypnosis check, he could actually discern a few words: “war”, “Adar”, and “Quori”. Together, Marron and Vashyron recalled that there were studies done that attempted to replicate the binding properties of Khyber dragonshards using psionic crystals. The thought was that consciousness could be imprinted in psionic crystals, much like the formation of psicrystals. Vashyron then attempted to mindlink with the crystal disk and found his own senses overloaded with images, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations of things he wasn’t currently experiencing.

Merrix indicated that this item was excavated from Qabalrin ruins in Xen’drik by Professor Zephyrus and a necromantic wizard of the Arcane Congress. As it was being delivered, the Orien enclave in Stormreach was attacked by a number of draconic creatures seeking the disk. They were beaten back after causing a handful of deaths. These creatures then stole a ship and headed out to sea. When the package reached Sharn, it was again almost stolen, this time by a group of warforged that all possessed the same ghulra. These warforged were also dispatched, allowing the disk to finally make its way to the intended recipient.

Aima and Adelaide had already previously agreed to join Merrix d’Cannith on an expedition to Xen’drik, so he gave the same offer to the rest of the party: help him understand the importance of this crystal disk and explore the ruins in Xen’drik and be compensated either monetarily or with favors, within reason. Each party member agreed, for their own reasons, and with their own stipulations. He also said there is a Lyrandar airship arriving in a few days to take Adelaide north to Stormhome. He would secure passage for the party to accompany her and then make their way from Stormhome to nearby Arcanix, where the Arcane Congress is located. There, they can meet with the remaining wizard that discovered the crystal disk. Merrix informed them that he has other business to take care of and will be absent for some time, but that Dale will gladly help them with anything they need.

Once he departed, the party members each went about their own business. Vesh and Adelaide returned to their rooms and stayed to themselves for the most part. Aima sent Caridin to Morgrave University’s library to research. Alatora and Vashyron decided to meditate and then sleep. Marron attempted to locate a library in the House Cannith enclave with no luck. Instead, he sat in the reception area and began drawing and taking notes of his surroundings. There, he saw a Githzerai monk exit the guest chambers and leave the building. He attempted to follow the monk, but had no money to pay for a sky coach.

Lharvion 5, 998 YK (Zor)

The next day, Dale approached Alatora, Marron, and Vashyron with an offer: the Tain Gala is taking place the evening of the 6th. In attendance will be a Riedran ambassador. While Dale had explicit instructions to not let the party meet with the Ambassador, he took it upon himself to present such an opportunity. He said that he’d seen a different side of the Riedrans when he was in Dar Jin and, while he can’t allow his House to be seen in a bad light, he’ll do what he can to let the party approach the Ambassador. What they do when not representing House Cannith is their business. Alatora then convinced the remaining party members to join their cause.

They met in the conference room to discuss the plan: Aima and Caridin would be Dale’s bodyguards. Vesh and Adelaide would draw the most attention. Alatora would present herself as clearly Kalashtar, in an attempt to draw the ire of the Riedran ambassador. Once the plan was formed, Dale gave them each a ticket. Those who had accepted monetary compensation for the Xen’drik journey were allowed to credit their formal attire to House Cannith.

Lharvion 6, 998 YK (Far)

The night of the Tain Gala arrived. The party was given their formal wear and taken to the Skycrest restaurant where the Gala was being held. Upon entering, Adelaide and Aima recognized The White Raven. Shortly after that, Barr and Kali entered the room and greeted Alatora and Adelaide. Kali was soon surprised to meet Vesh who strongly resembled the eyewitness reports of a dragon down in the Cogs. After questioning a few guests and mentally eavesdropping, it was discovered that the ambassador would be arriving with Lady Tain. The quieting of the music announced Lady Tain’s arrival. When the doors parted to reveal Lady Tain, Ambassador Dura’zhash, a man that each member of the party recognized, was at her side.


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