Eberron - The Age of Dreams

Session 02

The Rich and Famous

Lharvion 6, 998 YK (Far) – Continued from Session 01

  • Lady Tain, Ambassador Dura’zhash, and Haydith ir’Wynarn entered the Gala.
  • Dura’zhash offered to help Vesh locate Tiamat’s general, but Vesh declined.
  • Vesh threw a plate of food at Kali, because she wouldn’t stop talking about the “dragon in the Cogs”.
  • Dura’zhash convinced Lady Tain to let Vesh stay.
  • Ambassador Dura’zhash was overheard setting up a meeting with Hass ir’Tain at the Riedran embassy.
  • Lady Tain was given a necklace as a gift that produced a large Null Psionics field.
  • Upon Dura’zhash’s departure, he was followed by Vesh, Ala, Takato, and Vashyron. Adelaide and Aima stayed at the Gala.




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